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Upcoming Events

  • No School: MLK Day

    January 18, 2021


  • PTO Meeting

    January 19, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    Location: Sept 2020’s meeting will take place on Zoom. All other meeting
    locations are TBD but generally alternate between AES and ARD.

    Time: Monthly PTO meetings with begin at 6:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month.

    Changes: PTO meeting dates/times/locations are subject to change. Any changes
    will be communicated on our website or on the Allenstown PTO Facebook page.


  • Cohort A Schedule

    January 19, 2021


  • Cohort B Schedule

    January 20, 2021


  • Cohort A Schedule

    January 21, 2021



Daily Announcements 1/15/21

LUNCH MENU: Bagel munchable or sausage egg and cheese both come with homefries, cucumbers and a banana We are now down 2 custodians. Please at the end of the day if you could take a look around and maybe tidy up a bit and put your trash outside your door it would be...

Daily Announcements 1/14/21

LUNCH MENU: Bagel munchable or sausage egg and cheese both come with homefries, cucumbers and a banana A reminder that there is homework club today after school Today is comfy!!!! Hope you are enjoying wearing your fuzzy socks, pj’s or sweats today..I know I am. For...

Daily Announcements 1/13/21

LUNCH MENU: MOY beef burrito or chicken fajitas. Both come with bean salad, lettuce cup and orange slices A reminder that there is homework club today after school. Please remember to contact the office if your student is not going to attend school. Phone number...


Daily Announcements 1/15/21

There will be basketball practice after school today from 2:30-4:30. Reminder that Monday is a holiday, B - group will be back on Wednesday. Parents- There was a packet of “First Day Paperwork” for those who did not complete the online version on Alma Start. Please...

Daily Announcements 1/14/21

Basketball will continue today, from 2:30-4:30. An email went out with updated information last night, please read it before practice tonight. Today and tomorrow are our themed days. It’s Comfy and Cozy PJ Day. Reminder that the school dress code applies. This week we...

Daily Announcements 1/13/21

Basketball will continue today, from 2:30-4. Today during Eagle Block we will be sending out a Google Form for students to sign up for clubs for the remainder of the year. Sign ups will be for Robotics Team, Debate Club, and Art Club. More information will be sent out...

ARD PBIS Cart Race

Congratulations to the following winners!!!

Cohort A cart race winners: It’s a tie! Mr. Whitney & Mr. Raymond

Cohort B cart race winner: Mr. Whitney










Cohort A cart decoration winner is Mrs. Ong, and cohort B cart decoration winner is Mr. Whitney!!!














Celebrating the good things in our school district!

ARD November Student of the Month

ARD November Student of the Month

Congratulation the Alyssa H. She’s been diligent and putting in a solid effort in each of our classes. She does her “home day” work and does a quality job in all of her work. She’s someone that we can count on to participate in class and to give careful thought to questions and ideas.

ARD October Student of the Month

ARD October Student of the Month

Congratulations to Caili B. We feel like Caili has had outstanding participation in class, she takes chances, and always has a positive attitude. She is mature in her interactions with peers and staff and is truly a pleasure to have in class!

AES November Golden Eagle Award

AES November Golden Eagle Award

From Mrs. Johnson: I would like to acknowledge someone who really has never been recognized in all the years he has worked here. I would like to pass the award over to Al Carbonneau. Al has come in on weekends to make sure the heat is working so we will all be warm on Monday. He will show up early and stay late to shovel walkways, hang things up in classrooms, attend school functions and speak at school board meetings. He fixes things himself to save the district money. He genuinely cares about what is best for the school and for the staff. A few of us have even been saved by him when we had an issue with our cars. Al goes above and beyond on a daily basis.

ARD November Golden Eagle Award

ARD November Golden Eagle Award

From Mrs. Schmidt: I pass the Eagle on to Mrs. Hazard. Narine has gracefully been performing her routine tasks, such as classroom planning & teaching, counseling, peer mediation, etc In addition to this she has had to organize the testing for the school. This includes getting teachers & staff updated, planning groups for student accomodations, scheduling proctors & breaks during testing, and scheduling make-up testing for absent students. Then the most difficult task, ensuring the testing goes off “without a hitch”!!
All tedious as is, but in a hybrid schedule, it’s a wonder she is not bald.

And she does it all with a smile. Well deserved, Narine.

ARD October Golden Eagle Award

ARD October Golden Eagle Award

Sean Fischer passed the Eagle to Denise Schmidt: The eagle award was presented to Denise because of all of the hard work she has done to keep all staff and students safe during the pandemic. Also for doing a great job of the stressful task of the flu shots. Thank you Denise for all that you have done during these crazy times.

AES October Golden Eagle Award

AES October Golden Eagle Award

Sarah Battistelli passed the Eagle to Jen Johnson: Jen is always there to answer a question for me and if she doesn’t have the answer she is always able to point me in the right direction to find the answer. She has been one of the most helpful people since I started and I appreciate her support and guidance as I figured everything out!

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Allenstown Elementary School

Phone: (603) 485-9574

Fax: (603) 485-1805

Armand R. Dupont School

Phone: (603) 485-4474

Fax: (603) 485-1806


Mission Statement

Our students will:

  • collaborate and cooperate to creatively solve problems.
  • show respect for themselves, others, and our environment.
  • communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • apply advocacy skills to be independent, self-directed learners.
  • demonstrate civic resposibility and pride in school and the community.