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Congrats! ARD has been approved to be a BLIZZARD BAG School! ARD has been approved by the NH Department of Education to be a Blizzard Bag School. This means that if we have a school cancellation, it could be a blizzard bag day. Students would be able to work on assignments in a variety of ways (on the computer or paper), but it is mostly on the computer. Teachers need to be accessible to assist students by email or in Google classroom for a portion of the day. Please know that the Blizzard Bag assignments are based off the unit standards being taught in the winter months. It is not just random busy work. In order for a blizzard bag day to “count” so that we do not have to make up the day in June, we have to have at least 80% student participation. If a student has difficulty completing an assignment and needs assistance, they have three school days to meet with the teacher and complete the work. We know that there may be glitches, but we are hopeful that we can get 80% participation so that we don’t have to go as long in June. You will know if it is a Blizzard Bag day because it will be announced in the One Call Now cancellation announcement. Please contact Mrs. Kruger at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. An assembly to explain this to all the students was held on Thursday, 1/25/18.

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