AES 603-485-9574 - ARD 603-485-4474 [email protected]


Athletics Director: Shannon Kruger   [email protected] 

***Please note soccer field is located behind Allenstown Elementary School***

Soccer Coach: Becky DeGrave – [email protected]

Parent Volunteer: Tara Barnett
Teams: Chichester, Gilmanton, Farmington, CCA, Pittsfield

All players must have a mouth guard, shin guards, a water bottle, mask, sneakers/cleats to
participate in practices/games.

COVID19 Protocols:
Players must be screened before every practice/game and wear a mask unless they are 6 feet

Spectators must also wear masks unless 6 feet apart. There will be a Game Day Manager (Lisa
Towle) to make sure safety guidelines are followed for all in attendance. Allenstown is following
NHIAA Reopening Guidelines.

Allenstown      9/22/20      HOME      Gilmanton      4:00 CANCELLED
Allenstown      9/24/20      HOME      Chichester      4:00
Allenstown      9/28/20      AWAY       Farmington    4:00 CANCELLED

Allenstown      9/29/20     HOME      Gilmanton      4:00
Allenstown      10/5/20      AWAY       Chichester      4:00   ADDRESS: 219 Main Street, Chichester    
Allenstown      10/13/20    HOME      CCA                 4:00     CANCELLED
Allenstown      10/15/20    AWAY       CCA                 4:00     ADDRESS: Clinton Street Park, Concord
Allenstown      10/19/20    HOME      Pittsfield – MSG      4:00

Allenstown      10/22/20    AWAY      Gilmanton      4:00     ADDRESS: 1386 NH Rt. 140, Gilmanton Iron Works

Allenstown      10/23/20    AWAY       Pittsfield         4:00     ADDRESS: 7 Barnstead Road, Pittsfield


***Schedule is subject to change***


Click Boys Basketball vs. Gilmanton 2/8/21 4:00PM to watch live stream.

Click Girls Basketball vs. Gilmanton 2/12/21 4:00PM to watch live stream.

To Armand R. Dupont School – The school in located in the same parking lot with St. John the Baptist Parish. Please enter using gym doors located by the walking track. ***Soccer field is located behind Allentown Elementary School – see below***




To Allenstown Elementary School – The soccer field is located behind the elementary school.

To the extent possible, the Board encourages the Administration to implement concussion awareness and education into the
district’s physical education and/or health education curriculum. The administrative decision will take into account all relevant
considerations, including time, resources, access to materials, and other pertinent factors.

In the event a student is concussed, regardless of whether the concussion was a result of a school-related or non-school-related
activity, school district staff should be mindful that the concussion may affect the student’s ability to learn. In the event a student
has a concussion, that student’s teachers will be notified and the Protocol and Procedures for Sports-Related Concussion will
be followed for any needs that that the student may have. These needs may include, but not be limited to: extended time for
assignments, rescheduling of summative and formative assessments, extended time for reading assignments, darkened area of
classroom. Teachers should report to the school nurse if the student appears to have any difficulty with academic tasks that the
teacher believes may be related to the concussion. The school nurse will notify the student’s parents and treating physician.
Administrators and district staff will work to establish a protocol and course of action to ensure the student is able to maintain
his/her academic responsibilities while recovering from the concussion. Section 504 accommodations may be developed in
accordance with applicable law and board policies.

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Armand R. Dupont School

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Mission Statement

Our students will:

  • collaborate and cooperate to creatively solve problems.
  • show respect for themselves, others, and our environment.
  • communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • apply advocacy skills to be independent, self-directed learners.
  • demonstrate civic responsibility and pride in school and the community.