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Blizzard Bag Q&A

“Blizzard Bag” – What does the term mean?  Work that a student can do at home on a day when school is cancelled.

Why is ARD now a blizzard bag school?  The ARD teachers planned lessons that are linked to the standards being taught during winter months. An application, along with lessons were submitted to the NH Dept. of Education and approved for use with ARD students.

How will I know if it is a blizzard bag day?  When school is cancelled, part of the cancellation message will clearly state if it is a blizzard bag day for ARD students.

Is every weather day a blizzard bag day?  No. The determination will be made at the time of cancellation.

What if I don’t have a computer or the internet?  A paper version will be an option.

Can I Start the blizzard bag assignments before the actual snow day?  Once you have officially received the school cancellation notice stating that it is a blizzard bag day, you may begin the blizzard bag work.

What if I need help?  Teachers will be available at specific times during the day if you have questions or need help. You can communicate via Google classroom, email, or other platforms.

What if I have trouble and don’t complete assignments?  All students have 3 days during Eagle Block or after school to get help and complete the assignments. 80% of all students have to complete the assignments or ALL students have to make up the day in June.

What if I do all my work and we don’t get 80% student participation? Will I get credit for my work?  Yes, and if ARD has difficulty getting students to complete blizzard bag work, then ARD may suspend the blizzard bag practice.