AES 603-485-9574 - ARD 603-485-4474 [email protected]

LUNCH MENU: Bagel munchable or sausage egg and cheese both come with homefries, cucumbers and a banana

We are now down 2 custodians. Please at the end of the day if you could take a look around and maybe tidy up a bit and put your trash outside your door it would be greatly appreciated. Now also might be a good time to give an extra smile and wave to Mr.Carbonneau and say thank you. He has been working a lot of extra hours to keep our school clean.

Please remember to contact the office if your student is not going to attend school. Phone number 603-485-9574 or [email protected]

Important Dates to Remember:

1/14 & 1/15 warm and cozy pajamas, fuzzy socks, sweats, dress nice and comfy day

1/18 NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Jr. Day