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LUNCH MENU: Make your own turkey taco burrito or a chicken patty on a bun both come with bean salad, coleslaw and an apple

A reminder to all staff, with the colder weather coming in if you open a window during the day please make sure you close it before you leave.

Congratulations to Ms.Blease who received the golden eagle award yesterday…it was is very much deserved.

It is wake up Wednesday for the staff!! Please check out the teachers room for some treats that will make your day!

Important Dates to Remember:
11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Break

12/1 & 12/2 Dental clinic

12/10 Early Release (12:30) Parent teacher conferences for Cohort B

12/14 School board meeting ARD @6:00

12/23-1/3/21 -Holiday Break