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Basketball practice for both girls and boys today, same schedule.

Yearbook Cover Contest is today during lunches. The winning cover will be announced Friday, 2/16.

PBIS Skating Fieldtrip is tomorrow. Eligible students who are going need to dress appropriately for ice skating. Parents/Guardians requiring helmets for their students must send it in. Skates that are brought in must be in a bag so the blades are covered and turned in to the office.

Glee and Dance Clubs will meet after school tomorrow, Thursday 2/15.

Drama Club: Last chance to sign-up if you haven’t done already. Please see Ms. Pham in the office as soon as possible.

Yearbook Club will meet tomorrow after school.

Starting in March, we will no longer be sending daily announcements via One Call Now to email addresses. One Call Now email communication will be used for important and time sensitive messages only. Daily announcements will be posted on our website and closed Facebook group. To access these sites, please visit…
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