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LUNCH MENU: Beef and broccoli or chicken teriyaki, both come with veggie lo mein and stir fry and a frozen fruit cup

Today is national read aloud day. Mrs.Petersons and Mrs.Kruger have sent out stories to share with your class

February is dental health month. Dental health fact of the day: Teeth are like fingerprints. Everyone has unique fingerprints-meaning that no two people have the exact same ones. The same goes for your teeth! Identical twins have their own special dental patterns.

Yesterday’s dental fact:
How many teeth do you have? Children between the ages of 5 & 6 have 20 teeth, whereas adults have 32 permanent teeth (including wisdom teeth). Cats have 30 teeth and dogs have 42!!

Please don’t forget that Mrs.Brison is doing a toothbrush trade in. Bring in your old toothbrush in a plastic bag and receive a brand new one.

There is also a dental health poster contest sponsored by the Allenstown PTO . This year’s theme is “Water, Nature’s Drink” The poster should be by students only. To win you must enter. All posters will be displayed during the month of February on the 1st floor hallway…
1st prize $25.00 gift card to Target
2nd Prize$15.00 gift card to Target
3rd Prize $10.00 gift card to Target

Please remember to contact the office if your student is not going to attend school. Phone number 603-485-9574 or [email protected]

An important reminder, when dropping off your student in the morning please do not leave them until there is a staff member out there to ensure the safety of all students.

If you are sending in ice cream money for your student please put it in an envelope instead of handing it to a staff member. Envelopes can be provided if needed just call the office and Mrs.Johnson will make sure you get some.

Important Dates to Remember

2/3/21 World Read Aloud Day
2/5/21 Staff Wear Red Day Free blood pressure checks with Mrs. Brison
2/1-2/18Dental Health poster contest
2/8/21 School Board meeting 6:[email protected] AES
2/18 & 2/19 ASD them is Tropical (bring the sunshine and warmth to AES, Hawaiian shirts, leis, and shades)
2/22/21-2/26/21 February Break