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LUNCH MENU: Ham,egg, and cheese or a bagel munchable. Both come with broccoli and carrots and mixed fruit

We are celebrating national school breakfast week. Mrs. Ball has spent a lot of time putting together some fun activities for you all and has come with a joke of the day for this week. Here’s today’s joke

Why did the yoga student stand on one leg while eating cereal? They wanted a balanced breakfast!

If you haven’t heard the news…Allenstown will be getting a new k-8 school. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your support.

Help support our Texas Roadhouse Frozen Rolls fundraiser. This fundraiser will help cover the cost of producing the yearbooks. Please help by supporting and sharing this information with friends and families! Prizes will be given to the 2 top sellers and 3 runner-ups. Make sure people list your name to their online order so you can earn the points. Please contact Ms. Pham if you have questions. Click ROLLS FUNDRAISER to view flyer.

Parent teacher conferences are March 25. Please call Mrs.Johnson in the office to schedule 485-9574. (all meetings will be either virtual or by phone)

Important Dates to Remember:
3/19/21 End of Trimester 2
3/25/21 Early Release 12:30 P/T conferences (Please call Mrs. Johnson to schedule)
3/29/21 Report Cards Published

Please remember to contact the office if your student is not going to attend school. Phone number 603-485-9574 or [email protected]

An important reminder, when dropping off your student in the morning please do not leave them until there is a staff member out there to ensure the safety of all students.

If you are sending in ice cream money for your student please put it in an envelope instead of handing it to a staff member. Envelopes can be provided if needed just call the office and Mrs.Johnson will make sure you get some.