AES 603-485-9574 - ARD 603-485-4474 [email protected]

LUNCH MENU: Beef Nachos or chicken fajita nachos. Both come with corn salad and bean salad and an apple

Due to the frigid temperatures there will be indoor recess today.

We are a little short staffed today so we thank you all for your continued flexibility.

Just a little heads up that this is a payroll week so all non certified staff will need to enter their time into TCP by Thursday.

Important Dates to Remember
3/8/21 School Board meeting 6:00 @ ARD
3/9/21 town voting day
3/19/21 End of Trimester 2
3/25/21 Early Release 12:30 P/T conferences (Please call Mrs. Johnson to schedule)
3/29/21 Report Cards Published

Please remember to contact the office if your student is not going to attend school. Phone number 603-485-9574 or [email protected]

An important reminder, when dropping off your student in the morning please do not leave them until there is a staff member out there to ensure the safety of all students.

If you are sending in icecream money for your student please put it in an envelope instead of handing it to a staff member. Envelopes can be provided if needed just call the office and Mrs.Johnson will make sure you get some.