AES 603-485-9574 - ARD 603-485-4474 [email protected]

Reminder: today is Summer Carnival. We will be going by an Early Release schedule. This afternoon we will be having fun activities brought to you by Student Council.

To the eighth graders- Ms. Towle passed out permission slips for community service hours, they must be in by Friday

Eighth Graders if you have your Semi formal permission slip or Recognition Night seating that Mrs. Kruger handed out please return to the office ASAP.

Many of you have asked about the tetherball and when it will be fixed. This is the second time the rope has been broken due to misuse of the equipment, therefore, there will be no tetherball until sometime next week. Once again, we have cameras, we see how you are using or misusing the equipment.

All library books are due back today.