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Pulled pork on a whole grain bun or a soft pretzel munchable with nacho cheese dip, sweet potato fries and and apple

Monday will be a cohort A day.

Today is NOT the last day of PACK week. We will continue next week. Today is the color is Green. What healthy snack did you pack today that is green?

The following fruits and vegetables that are green are Broccoli which has Vitamin K, C, A phosphorus and Potassium. These are great sources of fiber and contain an anti- cancer compound. Celery provides an excellent source of Vitamin C and fiber. Celery contains more sodium than most other veggies but is offset by high levels of Potassium. Studies have shown that celery may help lower cholesterol and prevents cancer by detoxification. Honey Dew Melons are a great source of Vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, potassium, zinc, and valuable digestive enzymes. They make a nutritious sweet fruit smoothie too!

Next Wednesday is Wear Red!!!

Mobile Device agreements have gone home. Please make sure they are signed and returned along with the emergency forms.

If you have not gone into Alma to do your post enrollment please do so. This is very important information that we need to update your students files.

Reminder: ALL changes to your child’s regular dismissal schedule must be received in writing by 2 pm. Any changes are required to be in writing to ensure the safety of the students. Please send in dismissal changes with your child or email to [email protected]