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Dear Parent/Guardian,
I really thought that this was going to be the first full week of school since before the holiday break, but our boilers had a different plan. By mid-morning it was clear that our heating system was not functioning properly and that we needed to move to an alternate plan for students and staff. Please know that calling an early dismissal is never a first option because we know what a challenge that can be for families.

The heating contractors were here before the students left and now have things up and running properly. It could be very warm in the school tomorrow because of the way they are testing specific areas, so your student may want to dress in layers. I will let you know if anything changes, but as of right now, tomorrow will be a normal day of school.

Other information:
1. The School Board meeting will continue to be at ARD tonight at 6:00pm in the gymnasium.
2. The schoolwide spelling bee will be held on Thursday, 1/17
3. Soda floats will be sold on Friday for 1.00. The proceeds are being raised for a Pembroke family that lost everything in a fire.
4. The district completion rate for the Blizzard Bag day is 90%, so we do not need to make up that day.

Have a nice evening,
Shannon Kruger