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Dear Parent/Guardian:

Happy New Year!

It was great to have all the students back at ARD today and many shared that they were happy to be back.

Ms. Bergholm, our new science teacher began today with grade 7 and 8 students. If you have a grade 7 or 8 student, they should have brought home a letter for you to read. There is also a sign-off slip attached that they need to return. I attached a copy of the letter in case your student does not have it. Students seemed most excited about the STEM opportunities she has planned for them.

Sign-ups for the Robotics Team has concluded. Mrs. Petersons will begin Robotics meetings next Tuesday with the students.

Blizzard Bag packets for all students went home before the break. Please ask your student to make sure it is at home already. We are working to put up the live links this afternoon on the school website. They will be accessible under “Resources” and then in the student section drop down.

A few things to remember about Blizzard Bags:
1. It is only a Blizzard Bag day if it is included in the cancellation message.
2. Students should not spend any more than 3 -3.5 hours doing work. Teachers are available via email or Google Classroom if there are questions. Please note that teachers have 3.5 hours of availability and may not answer immediately.
3. If there is something that is difficult and your student is struggling, please don’t worry. We can help when he/she returns to school.
4. Do not complete the Blizzard Bag assignments until a Blizzard Bag day is called.
5. Students that do not complete the Blizzard Bag will be completing the work when they return to school. The assignments are linked to standards/competencies so it may not look like what they are studying in the classroom, but it does address skill sets.
6. This year AES will be joinging ARD in Blizzard Bag days. This means that as a district, 80% of all students must complete 100% of the assignments in order for the day to count as a school day. We can do it!

The 2019 Spelling Bee is scheduled for Thursday, 1/17/19. The words were given to ELA and Title I staff before the break and are being reviewed with the students. The classroom/grade level bees will be happening 1/14-1/16. Below are attachments for the study lists for each grade level.

Students started asking today when will be the PBIS trip to go ice skating. We will be planning that next week and it will be scheduled for later in January or early February. I will share the details once we are able to secure a date and a bus.

The next eligibility check will be 1/8/19. I check to see if students have assignments that are flagged “not turned in”.

As always, it is a pleasure to work with Allenstown students, staff, and families and I wish you all the best in 2019.

Shannon Kruger