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Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope your family has had a great weekend and here is some information for next week.

10/26 is a Cohort B Monday Cohort B does have 3 Monday’s in a row due to Veteran’s Day.

Shannon Kruger and the Allenstown Administrative Team

1. BROWN BUS – Monday will be the regular morning schedule. Tuesday -Friday will be the delayed schedule. If you have questions please contact DAIL Transportation at 736-9682

2. On 10/29 (cohort A) and 10/30 (cohort B) there will be a Halloween Parade in the school. Due to the current covid-19 situation we will not be able to welcome parents/guests for the parade. Students can bring their costume to school and change after lunch for the parade. Students will be participating in other Fall activities with their teachers. One of the most exciting things is that both cohorts for each class have collaborated to design and create their own scarecrow. We will be putting them on display in front of the school on Monday to share with the entire community.

3. FOOD and SCHOOL CELEBRATIONS- The following is important information from Mrs. Brison:

Parents who wish to send in prepackaged treats must read the labels to make sure the item doesn’t contain nuts and look for a clause that states”processed in a plant that contains nuts.” If those items are brought into school they cannot be given to our students.

No baked goods are allowed homemade or store bought at a bakery so please do not send them in. Dunkin Donuts munchkins are made in a plant that contains nuts along with every product that Dunkin Donuts sells.

All items must come in a sealed bag/package by the manufacturer with the label of ingredients on the outside.

To make things easier I suggest you reserve the “Party Items” that our Food Service Director Tasha Ball is offering as those are guaranteed safe for all classrooms. Click to view Party Snacks Order Form.

We want our students to have a fun celebration and do it Safely.
Thank you for your cooperation ! Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

4. Parent/Teacher Conferences:
11/5 is an early release day. Cohort A parents can sign up for a parent conference between 12:30-2:30 on 11/5.
12/10 is an early release day. Cohort B parents can sign up for a parent conference between 12:30-2:30 on 12/10.
Parents from both cohorts can begin calling on Monday, 10/26 to sign up for a conference. Please call Mrs. Johnson at 485-9574.

5. Progress Check – Click to view Progress Check Screenshot
Make sure you are in the “overview” tab. Click on the teacher under “schedule” and it will expand so that you can see competencies, assignments, and/or how your student is performing as of the midpoint for trimester 1. The grading rubric will be available in the upper right corner once you expand on the class. If you have questions/concerns about student progress, please contact the teacher directly.