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Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of October! Remember…tomorrow, Monday, 10/5 is a cohort B day.

Here is some news, information, reminders, and important dates for ARD:

1. Our website has a new look. Check it out!

2. The soccer team has their first away game tomorrow, Monday, 10/5 at Chichester Central School. The game is scheduled to begin at 4:00 pm and the field is located at the school (219 Main St.)

3. Eagle Block groups are starting this week.

4. Many classes have been taking advantage of the outdoor tent and stage spaces and the weather has been very cooperative. We are going to leave the spaces set-up for as long as possible. Students should dress for the weather.

5. Students do have assignments for the days that they are engaged in independent learning at home. If a student returns to school and has not completed any work and there has been no communication from the parent, the student will be marked absent for the day they were home.

6. Free lunch for all students has been extended for the rest of the 20-21 school year. If you are a family that would normally benefit from the free lunch program, you are still encouraged to complete the application. If your application is done, then any change in programming would not interrupt benefits for your student(s).

7. School Pictures are scheduled for 10/13 (cohort A) and 10/14 (cohort B). We will be looking at a timeframe for students that are remote to come in for pictures. The time has not yet been determined.

8. Since all NH students missed state testing last spring, the State of NH is having all students in grades 4-8 take an interim assessment in October. They are having students take the test from one grade below their current grade. For example, a 6th grade student would take a 5th grade test. The purpose of the test is to help staff determine instructional goals and for the state to determine the impact of remote learning on students. Students will test in reading, math, writing, and grades 5 and 8 students will also take the science test. We will share the test schedule once it is set.

9. Any student that is driven to/from school needs to be dropped off and picked up on School St. It is very dangerous to add cars to the parking lot as it is a very tight space trying to accommodate buses, walkers, and staff. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

9. Please help to make sure that your student brings their device to/from school. It is very difficult for them to be involved at school without a device and currently we do not have extras.

10. Student cell phones are off 8:00 – 2:22. If you need to reach your child, please call the office and we will deliver your message.

Other October dates:

10/8 and 10/9 – PBIS activity for staff and students – cart parade/race. IT is going to be fun.

10/12 – No School – Holiday

10/13 and 10/14 – Picture Days

10/13 – Home Soccer game at 4:00

10/15 – Away Soccer Game at 4:00 at Concord Christian Academy

10/19 – Home soccer game at 4:00 and School Board meeting at 6:00 pm at AES

10/20 – Trimester 1 progress date – check ALMA and 6:00 pm is the PTO meeting (information will come directly from the PTO).

10/22 – Away Soccer Game at Gilmanton at 4:00

10/23 – Away soccer game at Pittsfield at 4:00 (last game).