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The following are some reminders for the upcoming week:

1. COHORT B HAS SCHOOL ON MONDAY (tomorrow), Wednesday, and Friday. Cohort A attends school on Tuesday and Thursday (hybrid calendar attached).
2. Click to see Allentown PTO – 20-21 Meeting Schedule.
3. The new dismissal process is allowing us to get through dismissal quicker. If you have a student in Kindergarten that is a walker, we are going to try a new way to get them to the walker pick-up area, so parents don’t have to walk over to the car pick-up area.
4. We are planning to begin assigning devices. Please make sure your student has turned-in their device agreement.
5. We are trying to have students outside as much as possible so please help you student dress appropriately for cooler weather.
6. If you want your child to have a meal for the day that they are at home, please tell them to take a lunch when they leave each day. Bagged meals are located at the exit every day. We make announcements and encourage students to take a meal if they want/need it, but we can’t force any student to take a bag.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or Sarah Petersons.

Have a great week!

Shannon Kruger