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Dear Grade 8 parents:

ARD has been chosen to have our eighth grade students participate in National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing. This is out of the US Department of Education. Each year they select testing groups from around the nation to test in various subject areas. They then compile the results as The Nation’s Report Card.

Eighth grade students will test on 2/6/19 for approximately 2 hours . They are randomly chosen to participate in reading or math. Representatives from the National Center for Education Statistics will administer the tests to our students.

Attached is the letter that will be mailed home to you today to explain more information about the test and the opt-out option. I have also attached a copy of what you will receive so that you will have it electronically.

Narine Hazard is our NAEP Test Coordinatior in the event that you have additional questions. [email protected].

Shannon Kruger


Click here  to view NAEP Testing Letter