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Dear Parent/Guardian:

ARD has some very important NH State testing dates beginning this week.

The following information includes the dates of testing and the clothing themes for the first three days. In addition, there are some things you can do to help your student be prepared to do their best on all the tests. Please make sure your student gets plenty of sleep, gets to school on time each morning, has a reusable water bottle, and eats breakfast. We will offer all students a snack each day so that no one is testing on an empty stomach and water bottles can be refilled as needed. Mints are thought to help students focus and they will be supplied to all rooms. Gum is allowed (during test sessions only), but the school will not be providing gum. If a student is distracting others with their gum chewing they will not be permitted to chew gum.

2019 NH State Testing Schedule
5/21 , 5/22, 5/23- All grades, Math, Reading, Writing
**** NHDOE representatives will be present on 5/23 to monitor for test security and integrity.
Make up testing for grades 7/8 – 5/24
Make up testing for grades 5/6 – 5/28
Science grade 5 and 8 – 5/29
Science make-up testing is 5/30

Clothing theme:
Tuesday, 5/21 – Don’t sweat it! (athletic wear, shorts, sweatpants)
Wednesday, 5/22 – Get your head in the game! (fedora, bucket hat, or baseball hat)
Thursday, 5/23 – May the scores be with you – Star wars or ARD green and white attire.

All students have tracked their own test scores this year so they have been able to set personal goals. They have also had the opportunity to take practice tests in all content areas. This has helped them to become informed about their own achievement and become familiar with how test questions may be asked.

Tomorrow, we will have an assembly to review all this information so that all students are informed testers. For the three days, there will not be any academic classes and students will not have to worry about homework. We want them to give all of their attention to their tests. There will be fun activities in the afternoon and raffles for all students that have demonstrated a good effort.

ARD made some AMAZING GROWTH last year in their NH state test scores and I am confident that every student will do their best to demonstrate their own personal growth. It will be a challenge, but I have found that ARD students don’t shy away from challenges!

Thank you for your support!!!
Shannon Kruger