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Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is state testing week for all ARD students and I want you to know what we have done to prepare, and what we are doing to give all students a more positive testing experience.

5/11 – We had a school wide assembly to introduce the state testing plans for this year and to discuss why we take tests.
5/17 – 5/21 – Students will review their own test scores. This includes STAR reading and math scores for the fall and winter, their target for the year based on fall testing and their NH state assessment scores and proficiency levels from 2017. We asked students last winter how many knew their scores and have reviewed them with an adult. Only a handful responded that they had done this in the past. It made sense for students to know how they are achieving so that they are more invested in their progress.

I had several students come to me last week very excited to show me their improvements on the STAR tests and several who said they were not happy with their scores and wanted to make arrangements to retest. Having students know how they are performing and assessing the effort they are putting into the experience is proving to be helpful for many of our students.

5/21 – School wide assembly to review the test schedule, reward system/activities, and dress themes (see below).

Important things to know and that you can do to help:
1. Make sure that your student is getting plenty of rest, water, and has a good breakfast. Please note that we will be providing a free snack to all students each day before testing begins.
2. Make sure that your student is on time, and attends school on 5/22, 5/23, and 5/24.
3. There will be no homework or academic classes on testing days. This should help relieve anxiety about keeping up with assignments AND testing.
4. Encourage your student to do their best each morning and talk to them each day about their experience.
5.Students will have the opportunity to earn afternoon rewards by demonstrating good effort, using the minimum required testing time, and being respectful of the test environment by not distracting others with noise and behaviors.
6. Students will be tested in the areas of math, reading, and writing. Grades 5 and 8 will also take the state Science test.

Test Schedule Specifics:
5/22 –
Theme:” Don’t Sweat it” – Wear sweatpants. athletic wear, or your most comfortable clothes (no pajamas).
Reward: B-I-N-G-O for all students.There will be a variety of prizes and gift cards to win

Theme: “Have your head in the game” – Wear a baseball hat, fedora, or bucket hat (no other hats permitted)
5/6 Dance Party with DJ Pham
7/8 – Student choice: Student/staff kickball game or other outdoor activities (sidewalk art, jump rope, etc.)

Theme: “May the scores be with you”
7/8 Dance Party with DJ Pham
5/6 – Student choice: Student/staff kickball game or other outdoor activities (sidewalk art, jump rope, etc.)
***Allenstown Fire Department – up to 40 students from grades 5-8 may go over to the Fire Station for a tour

Narine Hazard is the ARD Test Coordinator. Please contact her if you have any questions about your specific student. [email protected]

If your child receives special education or 504 test accommodations and you have questions, please contact the case manager you have been working with this year.

Thank you so much for your support and assistance!
Shannon Kruger