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Dear Parent/Guardian:

The school year is in full swing and it is hard to believe we are in the last week of September!!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the news and reminders below:

  1. Your student should have brought home PTO Calendars that are also a fundraiser.

  2. School Picture Day is Wednesday, 9/26. All students went home with a picture envelope last week.

  3. Last Friday, our 7th grade went to the Squam Lake Science Center. The trip gave students real world experience and connection to their current interdisciplinary unit. I know that their habitat projects will be amazing.

  4. On Friday, 9/28, we are offering our first PBIS trip. It will be a half day trip to the Deerfield Fair. Students need a permission slip and 16 Eagle Bucks. They will need to bring their own money for rides and food, but they will not need to pay an admission cost. All permission slips are due by lunch on Wednesday. Students can’t be missing assignments or have had a major behavior infraction, or any type of suspension to be eligible to go. Eagle Bucks from last year can be used for this trip.

  5. Eagle Block has officially begun and students are in their first round of intervention or enrichment. We will be reviewing progress in about 6 weeks.

  6. Students that eligible for Title I services in Reading and/or Math have been identified and Mrs. Spezeski had mailed out information to those families. She is also available to those students for extra assistance on Tuesday and Thursday after school.

  7. Students (and staff) are getting the hang of the new schedule.There has been a lot of positive feedback about having classes at different times of the day.

  8. School Safety is always important at ARD! We have begun practicing drills. Detective Shea and Officer Higgins joined us for a lockdown drill and they were very pleased with how the students reacted. The vast majority of students practiced barricading and other safety protocols without being told. It was great to see all that they had remembered from last year!

  9. Co-curricular activities that are currently running include; homework club, soccer, and knitting club. Dance club will begin on 9/25