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Coffee House Chats Q&A

On March 2nd, we had one of three of our Coffee House Chat Q & A’s allowing community members to ask questions regarding the proposed new school. You can see the questions and answers below.


Is there a map you can show me of the land?

A tax map was shown. You can look at it further if you follow the Allenstown Web-Based Tax Map Application link and then enter 410-012 and click search, you will be able to view the parcel of land.

Can you talk about buses?

We have had a few conversations with the bus company. We will continue the standard of providing bus transportation to the new proposed school to any student beyond one mile from the property. We do not envision adding any extra buses that we currently use now for transportation.

Can you talk about the landscape for sports at the new school?
The new proposed school outside will have a soccer field, a baseball and softball field as well as an outdoor basketball court. We would look to expand the athletics program. There also would be a dedicated gym indoors.
Could you expand on the gymnasium?

Right now our gym has very limited seating for fans and no place designated for the home and away teams. We have obstructed views from certain sections of the gym. The new gym would be high school sized, with increased capacity and seating as well as provide the ability to divide the court with a curtain and run half court practice or games for elementary kids. In addition, we would also hope to provide the option for community volleyball and basketball games during non-school hours and events.

Will there be a separate Gym and Cafeteria?

Yes, there will be separate locations, allowing us to have Gym and Lunch at the same time and provide scheduling flexibility.

What would be the maximum population K-8?

Currently, AES has 199 students and ARD is at 151 or 350 combined. However, the new proposed school will have capacity up to 463 students.

Did the proposed location of the new school change from the original site?

Yes, originally, there was a parcel of land with 30+ acres on Rt. 28 by the business park. However, when we went to inquire, it already had a sale pending. Looking to have 15+ acres of buildable land in mind, the committee reached out to the owners on River Rd, which was not on the market. They liked the idea of a school and is now the new proposed building site.

Is the funding to fix/expand River road and building sidewalks down River road included in the proposed budget? Or will this be an additional expense in the future?

The application did not include walkways but there could be money available to extend the walkways in contingency money. For example, if the town decides that putting in water and sewer from the town would be cheaper than digging and installing a well and cistern, maybe some money could be reallocated for extending the sidewalks/walkways onto the school property.

Does the budget include all roadwork and is there going to be sewer and well?
The current application includes a Cistern and well. However, more conversation could lead to town sewer and water as studies continue.
Will there be street lights up RT. 28 to accommodate and help assist with the new traffic pattern?

We would have to have traffic studies done, which would not take place until if and when a vote passes.

Has there been any test pits done to confirm the soils can accommodate building load and possible septic?

We had a conversation with North Branch Construction who said this is a very viable site, not a lot of bedrock and should have no obstacles with a Cistern.

Has there been a design for septic and what land impact if septic is needed?

Once the new proposed school is approved, we will be looking further into this and many other items regarding the well, cistern, etc.

What is the new name for the school?

We do not have one right now. We would like community input before finalizing on one.