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“Water Nature’s Drink”

There will be a Dental Health Poster Contest sponsored
by the Allenstown PTO starting February 1st to February
18th. This years’ theme is “Water Nature’s Drink”. The
Poster should be the work of the student only.

1st Prize is a $25.00 gift card to Target
2nd Prize is a $15.00 gift card to Target
3rd Prize is a $10.00 gift card to Target

To win you must enter. All posters will be displayed during
the month of February in the 1st floor hallway.

There will also be a toothbrush trade-in! Bring in your old
toothbrush in a plastic bag and receive a brand new one.
As a reminder, a toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3
months, whenever brushes are frayed and after being
sick. Dental check-ups are important so be sure to see
your Dentist annually to rule out any problems. You’re on
your way to a Healthy Smile!!!

Marilyn Brison, RN, CSN