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Basketball practice tonight Girls at 5:30-7 and Boys 7 – 8:30.

Congratulations to both Girls and Boys basketball teams for winning both games against Chichester.

Danay C. led the girls team with a career high of 27 points followed by Clare O. with 9 points, Isabella B. and Kathleen P. contributed 6 points each, Kaylin M. with 4 points, and Brieonna B. and Natalia D. each contributed 2 points.

The boys were led in scoring by Collin H. with 15 points, followed by Julien L. with 10 points, Colin D. had 9 Points, Mason G. with 6 points, Eithan S. with 4 points, and Izzy F. with 2 points.

Homework Club and Knitting club will meet after school today.

Dance club will meet after school today, Also, Dance club may meet Ms. Pham during your lunch recess if you want an extra practice time today.

Drama club will meet after school. Don’t forget your book.

Students on Level 1 for missing assignments, and Ms. Pham spoke with you yesterday, will continue to finish your missing assignments with your teachers during your lunch and recess. She will be checking with the teachers on your progress. Those in the talent show will not be able to perform next week if you are not off the Eligibility list.

Robotics first meeting will begin on January 14 in the Library.

Reminder to all students- at lunch time you must sign out before you leave the cafeteria. This is for students who have a cold lunch too, you still need to come down and sign out. This is for safety, so we know where everyone is in case of an emergency. Teachers- if you are having students stay in the classrooms, please try to check with students that they signed out.

Students who are participating in the talent show there will be a practice session today from 2:20 – 3:20 PM in the cafeteria. Please bring music, props, etc that you need. On Tuesday, 1/14, there is a mandatory dress rehearsal for talent show performers in the gym.Also, a reminder that the talent show will take place Thursday, 1/16, 10 – 11 AM and 5 – 6 PM.

On January 31st, there will be a social from 5:00 to 6:00pm for 5/6 graders and a semi-formal dance from 6:30 – 8:00pm for 7/8 graders, please keep in mind to dress appropriately. Eligibility does apply for this event so please make sure you are current with all of your work. Forms for this event will go out on January 21st and are due back by January 24th. The cost of the event if $5. Food and drink will be for sale as well.

Reminder tomorrow is wear your spirit day and paychecks will go out today, please remember to get them signed and bring them to lunch with you tomorrow.

Today is a chorus day during Eagle Block and Flute is canceled for this afternoon

Have a great day!