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LUNCH MENU: Big Mac Sloppy Joe or a turkey hot dog on a roll. Both come with hummus with veggies and a frozen peach slush cup

Tomorrow is a cohort B day.

Awesome job to the students who were involved in the making of our Veterans Day video tribute! (If you missed it, here is the link:

A reminder to all non certified staff this is a payroll week so please make sure your TCP is filled out by the end of the day

Important Dates to Remember:
11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Break

12/1 & 12/2 Dental clinic

12/10 Early Release (12:30) Parent teacher conferences for Cohort B

12/14 School board meeting ARD @6:00

12/23-1/3/21 -Holiday Break


If you have not gone into Alma to do your post enrollment please do so. This is very important information that we need to update your students files.

A reminder to all families: As devices are handed out to the students, the expectation is that they come back to school everyday charged and ready for use. These chrome books are used for in school learning and testing along with working at home during remote days.

Reminder: ALL changes to your child’s regular dismissal schedule must be received in writing by 2 pm. Any changes are required to be in writing to ensure the safety of the students. Please send in dismissal changes with your child or email to [email protected]