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ARD lost night’s basketball games against Concord Christian. In the effort the girls team was led by Natalia D. with 9 points, followed by Brieonna B. with 5 points, both Clare O. and Lydia M. chipped in 3 points each and Kaylin M. contributed 2 points.

Collin H. led the charge with 10 points followed by Michael B. with 8 points, Colin D. chipped in 5 points along with 4 points from Ethan S., Julian L., Cameron L., Jonathan H., and Isaiah F. all contributed 2 points each.

The girls and the boys basketball teams closed out the season with a show of great effort.

There will be no Homework Club for 5-6 today.

Homework Club for 7-8, Knitting Club, Robotics and Drama will meet after school today.

There will be basketball practice tonight at the normal time. Girls 5:30-7 and Boys 7-8:30

ARD will be offering a running and a walking club. This will begin in March and will end in May with a 5K run walk in Concord at the Rock ‘ N Race. ARD will pay the application fees for all runners and walkers and everyone will get a team T shirt. The signup sheet is in the cafeteria on the round table. One form is for walkers and one is for runners.

Kindness and Tolerance posters are due tomorrow, Wednesday February 12.

Reminder to everyone- Eligibility will be run at 11:00 this morning.

Mr. Champagne will be available in his office during lunch to those who are interested.

Today is a Flute Day during Eagle Block and Clarinet Day after school today.

Have a great day!