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Lunch: Mac & Cheese or a sunbutter and jelly sandwich. Both come with broccoli with ranch and apple slices.

This week we are celebrating “Buckle Up NH Week” with daily safety questions.

Today’s Safety Questions are:What are the top two causes of fatal motor vehicle crashes?

ANSWER:Speed and Drunk Driving.

What is the proper fit of a lap/shoulder belt?

ANSWER: A lap/Shoulder belt should go across the pelvic bone, low snug on the hips and across the hips and across the chest over the collar bone with minimal slack.

This week is also Bike Safety combined with Buckle-Up Week. Teachers have been given slips for students to write their first and last name with Teacher’s name on it. The slips can be deposited in the boxes outside the Nurse’s office where you can view the helmets. The drawing will take place this Friday so be sure to enter the Raffle before then. Studies have proven that bicycle helmet use can significantly reduce head injuries . In NH Bike helmets are required for riders under 16 years of age it’s the law.

Coffee cart slips have been handed out. If you didn’t get one and would like one please stop in the office and grab one. All slips need to be handed in by tomorrow.

Cars are no longer allowed to come into the drop off loop from Granite Street. They will need to loop around and come in from Main Street due to safety reasons.

For our parents who drop off in the morning. Please wait for a staff member to be by your car before letting your child out. We have had several dangerous situations this week and we are trying to insure the safety of all our students

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Important dates to remember

5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 Lego Club
5/31- Memorial Day No School

May 6-June 3 (Thursdays only) 3-D Printing Club 4th grade only