AES 603-485-9574 - ARD 603-485-4474 [email protected]

Lunch: Pizza sticks with Marinara or pizza bagel munchable both come with spinach salad with ranch and applesauce

Homework club meets today after school

3-D Printing club meets today after school

For all staff members if you haven’t picked up a bingo card yet and you want to play you can come down to the office and grab one.

There are still some sandwiches left for lunch today along with drinks, sides and snacks.

The PTO also left us some danishes and some oranges for breakfast…orangent you glad it’s almost Friday?!

There was a mix up with days about ice cream…sooo ice cream will be available for all students tomorrow. Next week they will start splitting the grades up between Thursday and Friday.

Please try to remember to stay out of the mud at recess and to stop and bang your feet before coming into the school.

Cars are no longer allowed to come into the drop off loop from Granite Street. They will need to loop around and come in from Main Street due to safety reasons.

For our parents who drop off in the morning. Please wait for a staff member to be by your car before letting your child out. We have had several dangerous situations this week and we are trying to insure the safety of all our students

Kindergarten and Pre K registration is now open please visit

Important dates to remember:
5/10 School Board Meeting AES @6:00
5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 Lego Club