When will the vote occur and what percentage is needed to pass?

March 9th and will need 60% voter support

Why don't we renovate the current buildings?

We did obtain cost estimates for renovation projects for both AES and ARD. Performing separate renovations to both AES ($23,386,946) and ARD ($17,500,620) resulted in a higher cost estimate than one new building project on a new parcel of land. In addition, this cost did not include the expenses of purchasing, equipping and hooking up modular units where we could house students during construction. The K-8 renovation project also did not allow for any future growth.

Why wouldn't we just put the new school on land the school already owns?

The property at ARD is very small at 2.5 acres and shares a parking lot with the St. John the Baptist Parish. In addition, the property has no designated drop-off/pick-up location for students.

The AES property has 14.3 acres of land, with 8.2 acres having a deed restriction, which are not allowed to be used for a buildable plot. In addition, the AES property has a significant drop in land elevation from the playground to the lower level fields, which significantly limits the buildable land for a school building expansion. The AES property design also results in traffic back-ups on Main Street during drop-off and pick-up times.

What will happen to AES and ARD if we build a new school?

The Board would look to sell both buildings.

How did the board choose the location for the new building?

Property in Allenstown with the required acreage for a school is very limited. The Chair of the New Building and Renovations Committee proactively approached the property owner of 59 acres on River Road in Allenstown (Tax Map 410 Lot 12). The current property owner liked the idea of the property being used for school and has been very flexible in our purchase and sale agreement contingencies. The current property was not actively on the market for sale. For more information on the location, please follow the Allenstown Web-Based Tax Map Application link https://www.axisgis.com/AllenstownNH/ and then enter 410-012 and click search, you will be able to view the parcel of land.

Did the School Board consider other location options?

Yes, the Board and the Committee explored four other sites.

Will the new school serve the Community after hours?

Yes, ample parking would support a number of Community events and partnerships, which could include Adult Ed, athletics, among others.

What is the timeline for completion?

The new school is estimated to be completed for the start of 2023 School Year.

Did the School Board and Allenstown Municipal Budget Committee vote for in favor of the new building?