Will this school support Pre-K?

Yes, the plans for the new building will support classroom space for a Pre-K program.

Can someone please show a map of the new proposed location?

The proposed location is off of River Rd. Tax Map 410 Lot 12. For more information on the location, please follow the Allenstown Web-Based Tax Map Application link https://www.axisgis.com/AllenstownNH/ and then enter 410-012 and click search, you will be able to view the parcel of land.

Will there be a compiled list of questions and answers from these "coffee chats" that will be made available to all town residents prior to the 9th?

We plan to collect the questions and answers from those Coffee House Chats and have them available on the website within 24 hours of the meeting.

How the tax rate will increase?

The bond tax rate will increase no more than $2.77 from years 2 through 20. We anticipate that the tax rate increase will be less than $2.77 in the first year of the bond as it is an interest only payment. The tax rate will remain stable throughout Years 2 through 20 continuing to stay at the no more than $2.77.

The document has been revised and can be found here:

We have outlined two scenarios since we will not know what the interest rate will be until the bond of sale is complete. The current bond rate is 1.58% so we have illustrated what that looks like. The Municipal Bond Bank stated that the interest rate will not be more than 2.50% so we have also illustrated the possibly highest tax impact in case the rate fluctuates between now and the date of the bond sale.

How will elementary and middle school kids be separated in school and especially recreational areas?

Students in grades Pre-K through 4th will be in one wing of the school, while grades 5-8 will be in another. While their schedules will not cross during the day, there will be times for cross collaboration learning activities, such as Best Buddies, reading groups, whole school assemblies, presentations, etc.

What is the proposed traffic pattern for entering onto River Rd from 28?

The architect is currently reviewing alternative entrances and exits to the property. A traffic study and approval from the Allenstown Planning Board may be required.

What upgrades to the roads (River Rd, Dodge Rd and Pinewood Rd) will occur? Has consideration been made for the residents that would see highly increased traffic by their homes?

The construction company, architect, school district and planning board will work together to plan upgrades and other considerations for any roads that may be affected as a result.

What are the "positive happenings" that are mentioned in the presentation that have fostered growth to date? and What are the "expected additional tax revenues from ongoing commercial projects"?

Some of the positive happenings are:

The China Mill Condominium Units bringing new 1,2 and 3-bedroom residential units to the area, which will bring additional tax revenue to the town of Allenstown once the tax incentive program runs out. The Optimism Senior Housing Project is another positive happening that will bring in tax revenue. Allenstown Real Estate market is extremely appealing, has a very low inventory and what does come on the market, sells really quickly. Allenstown is a starter home market that brings young families and children into the school community. Finally, the economic development committee of Allenstown has been focused on bringing more community events to foster a caring, collaborative Allenstown community. They are doing community concerts, a movie night for the Allenstown children and are meeting with prospective new businesses.

Presentation says playground not part of North Branch cost, how/when will that be handled and taxed?

The new playground equipment cost is in the "equipment" cost and not the construction cost. The newer equipment at Allenstown Elementary could also be moved to the new building site.

If this school building is approved, will it go out to bid to local companies, or by union contractors?

Construction will be handled by a local construction manager, still to be selected. Through the construction management process local subcontractors will be invited to submit bids for portions of the work within their typical trade. Bids from all subcontractors shall be reviewed and selected by the project team made up of the construction manager, owner's project manager, design consultant, and owner. New Hampshire does not have a union labor requirement for municipal construction.