Proposed New K-8 School

Welcome and thank you for visiting the proposed NEW K-8 school web page. We will keep this section up to date with the latest renderings, information, and historical data.

October 2021

Good day Allenstown Community,

This will be the first of monthly reports I will be publishing for the Community of Allenstown School District to follow the progress of your new building project.

I am your Owners Project Manager, Gordon Bristol.  One part of my role is to keep you, the Community, informed of the progress of the project.  I will be giving monthly reports, in person, to the School Board.  I will also provide monthly reports to the Community via this Report and from time to time we will hold informational updates.

Here is some of the progress thus far:

  • Your School Board has put up a sign on the property to get some excitement going for the effort.  We thank the Moore family for donating the sign.
  • The Architectural firm has been hired.  The Turner Group of Concord, NH.  This firm has tons of experience in all facets of architecture.  In addition, they have a specialty in building schools both new construction and remodel.  They have a proven track record of excellence in building performance.
  • The Construction Manager has been hired.  The Milestone Company.  (Technically called the Milestone Engineering and Construction Company).  This firm is located in Concord, NH.  Milestone has been around since 1988 and has a record of on time and on budget success in building projects.  They, as well, have a long record of success in school building projects.
  • The main pre-construction effort at this time is the location of the building on the actual site.  We have hired both soil engineers and geo technical specialists to ensure where we place the building will be for the best interest of the students learning environment and for the safety of those traveling to and from the school on both school property and nearby roads.  Soil test and core drillings will be taking place in the next month.
  • Your construction team has met with the following this month:  Fire Chief, Police Chief, Town Administrator, Water Department, Sewer Department.  As well we have met with Eversource (power) and Agency of Transportation.

We have spoken with the Department of Education. We have met with some of the neighbors of the school to ensure their comfort and voice is accounted for.

We are exploring options for water and sewer at the property.  At the current time it looks like an onsite well and onsite septic is preferred.

Your team is starting the ongoing process of meeting with various academic disciplines.  ie;  athletics, science, math.  To begin the process of understanding any particular academic needs the school building and site needs to accommodate.

We are off to a good start on your behalf.  We encourage your input and questions.

Also, please feel free to write me at [email protected]

The District wishes for this to be a totally transparent project with as much information to you as possible.  Please let us know how we are doing.

Report by:

Gordon Bristol

Gordon Bristol Consulting

Your Owners Project Manager