Community Forum Update

On Monday, May 16th, the Allenstown School Board hosted a New School Community Forum to give Allenstown residents a chance to see the new school building drawing designs and site layout.  The forum was facilitated by the Owner's Project Manager, Gordon Bristol; with presentations by Doug Proctor, the principal architect; and Erin Lambert, the civil engineer for the site.  Mr. Bristol closed the forum out with the reminder to all that he does have project updates on the new school website and to feel free to email him, or the Allenstown School Board with any questions that arise regarding the new school project.

Allenstown Community School Update

Welcome and thank you for visiting the NEW K-8 school progress web page. We will keep this section up to date with the latest renderings, information, and historical data.

January 30th 2023 Update

Good day.  This is the January 30 report report.  We will be  publishing for the Community of Allenstown School District a weekly progress report of your new building project.  We plan to publish these reports on every Monday going forward.

Current work efforts.

Furniture to arrive.  We are excited to report that much of our library furniture will be arriving early next week.  Why furniture if the school isn’t finished?   Your construction team (contractor, architect, owners manager, SAU administration and School administration and staff have worked on the design of furniture and purchased earlier than normal as the world of lead times for products is so unpredictable.)

Also, price increases are “all over the place”.   Therefore, by purchasing in advance we have gotten by the lead time problems and saved almost 20% in furniture price increase that are expected in 2023.

We continue with our efforts for solar service at the site of the new building.  We are reviewing the contract and are ready to go to final agreement within the next month.  We are meeting with Eversource (our electricity provider) as well as the construction electrical contractor to ensure we have correct electric interface for the solar system.

We are starting the roof effort on the building portion (2 story building part).

We continue with steel frame erection.

We are doing floor deck on the two story section of the building.

Roof insulation has commenced.

For now the major effort is the continued finishing of the foundations and the steel building.  As parts of the steel are completed we are immediately going around and starting the curbs and roofing.  We look to get weather tight buildings ongoing in February.

Also, please feel free to call me at 802-380-1157 or write me at [email protected]

Wildlife Assessment

"All of our site plans are fully reviewed by a number of New Hampshire state agencies.  We have not had any mention of eagle disturbance during any of our conversations with the State.  We feel comfortable that there are no eagle issues as we have vetted your plans widely”.  Erin Lambert, PE, LEED AP, Wilcox & Barton, Inc.