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To all Allenstown Community Residents:

We want to extend a most sincere thank you for the support shown at the March 9th, 2021 town vote. We thank you both for the passage of the ballot for a new school building and the passage of our school’s operating budget.

The Allenstown School District does an incredible job with the infrastructure in place today. The administrators and staff work creatively and innovatively to provide the best opportunities to the students and they show great pride in their work. A new school will only further their passion for educating our young Allenstown citizens. Our students will also feel a renewed pride in their school community. They will have opportunities provided to them that are not physically possible in our current buildings. Our students will have more tools available in the new school to be competitive high school students.

The overall Allenstown community value will also increase with a new school. This goes hand in hand with the increasing business community value that has been coming to Allenstown. A strong school plus strong business in our town will show just how incredible Allenstown truly is.

Thank you again for all of your support – you have all just made history in Allenstown!

The Allenstown School Board