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Good Afternoon Parent/Guardian;

Here are few messages as we close out the month of January:

1. We have passed the official halfway mark of the year and of Trimester 2. Please check ALMA to examine the progress of your student. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the teachers.
2. Tomorrow is Team Day. The majority of folks will most likely be wearing Patriots attire, but students were told that all team gear is fine.
3. I guess there were some questions about why today was not a delayed opening. Every weather event is analyzed individually. Today, the temperature between 8:00 am and 10:00am was not going to change much and the winds had diminished, so there were minimal benefits to opening later. It was going to be cold at both start times so the district opted for a regular start time. In addition, we trust that parents will do their best to make sure that their student is dressed for the weather.
4. Jess Martel sent out the flyer today regarding the upcoming events including the Allenstown Deliberative Session that is on Saturday, 2/2 at 9:00 at ARD and then the Community Forums that are scheduled for 2/13 at ARD and 2/19 at AES. Both of the forums begin at 6:00 pm. We hope that you will join us for at least one of the events because your thoughts and ideas are important to us regarding the direction of the Allenstown schools.
5. Upcoming dates:
2/5 – PBIS Ice Skating Trip 12:15 – 2:15 – Eligibility applies;
2/6 –┬áNAEP testing for 8th graders
2/7 – Grade 8 participates in NAEP testing
2/11 – PBIS Eagle Buck Store
2/13 – Community Forum at ARD at 6:00 pm
2/15 – Grade 8 Field Trip
2/18-2/22 – Spirit Week
2/25 – 3/1 – WINTER BREAK

Have a great evening and a nice weekend. GO PATS!
Shannon Kruger