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The following is some information and important dates that may relate to you and/or your student(s) for the upcoming week.

1. Follow-up to the 10/14 COVID-19 email where DHHS informed us that there was a confirmed student case of COVID-19. They did not suggest any changes at the school and subsequently confirmed on 10/16 that there was no exposure to the AES school community.

2. 4th grade NHSAS Interim Testing will be conducted on 10/20 for Cohort A 4th grade students and 10/21 for Cohort B 4th grade students.Please note that the NHDOE has asked all schools to conduct the much shorter interim tests in grades 4-8 to help educators guide instruction and plan for any needed shifts to better meet student needs. All students are being tested at their previous grade level for all tests.

3. 10/20 – TRIMESTER 1 PROGRESS Check. Please go into your ALMA portal on Tuesday after 3:00 pm to check the trimester 1 progress of your student(s). If you have questions or concerns please reach out directly to the teacher or case manager.

4. ATTENDANCE Reminder – Students do have assignments for the days that they are engaged in independent learning at home. If a student returns to school and has not completed work and there has been no communication from the parent, the student will be marked absent for the day they were home. If your student has an appointment (please get a note), is ill, you should notify the office so that it is accounted for in the attendance record. We have to account for attendance to the State of NH for all days (remote and in school).

5. 10/19 Monday is a Cohort A day

6. AES students are currently working on PBIS activities that include designing and creating a classroom scarecrow that we plan to move outside for the community to enjoy during the week of 10/26-10/30. In addition, we are working on other activities that require some supplies. The PTO has published a sign-up Genius to help. Please go to the following link if you want to donate supplies. We can accept donations 10/19-10/21.

Important Dates:

10/19 – 6:00 pm School Board meeting at AES

10/20 – 6:00pm Allentown PTO meeting – look for information from the PTO on how to join the meeting.

10/21 – 6:00 pm at ARD – New School Building/Renovation Forum.

10/22 – 6:00 pm REMOTE- New School Building/Renovation Forum.