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Good evening !

Last night we had an amazing experience at the first ARD Education Showcase. 247 people attended the event and were able to see student work, a factory simulation in the eighth grade, attend the book fair, checkout what co-curricular activities are doing, learn about Title I, speak with Detective Dawn Shea about school safety, and support the wonderful PTO. Several teachers commented about how exciting it was to see and hear the students explaining to their parent/guardian/guest what they are are learning as they shared their work samples. We will be working hard to reflect on the evening and document possible adjustments for next year.

Next week the Pembroke Academy band and chorus will be performing for our students on Wednesday morning, 4/4. We are looking forward to seeing the performance and generating excitement in our students as we plan to add chorus and band in the next year or two at ARD.

I can’t believe that I am saying this, but this is a reminder that next Thursday 4/5 is an early release day. It feels like we don’t get a full week of school very often.

Have a nice holiday weekend!
Shannon Kruger