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Good Evening AES Families,

It was great to see the students back in the building and they have been amazing. I think they exceeded everyone’s expectations at how easily they acclimated to the protocols that are in place to help keep everyone safe. The hybrid model made our school opening manageable and it allowed staff, students, and administration to problem solve and adjust routines and practices. Staff are taking advantage of the nice weather and using the big trees and the tents we have to get students outside as much as possible for classes and breaks.

Thank you for all your support and helping your student return to school and learning.

Shannon Kruger, ASD Principal

News and reminders (make sure to read #6 if you pick up your student at the end of the day)

1. The hybrid schedule for this week is:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Cohort A attends school

Wednesday and Friday – Cohort B attends school

2. School Board Meeting – 6:00 pm on Monday, 9/14 at ARD

3. PTO will be holding a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, 9/15 at 6:00 pm. The PTO will be sending out the link.

4. All students under the age of 18 are eligible for free lunch until 12/31/20 or until funding runs out.

5. Device Agreements are due and all students have been given a copy for parent signature. A device will only be assigned to a student that has a device agreement on record. I have attached the form.

6. IMPORTANT CHANGES TO DISMISSAL BEGINNING 9/14. If you pick up your student please read and be prepared for the changes.

    • Once the buses exit the loop, car pick up parents can begin pulling into the big loop to pick up students. We think that using the bigger loop will allow us to get more cars in the loop, load students more quickly and get families on their way. It will also allow us to separate vehicles from walking parents/students.

    • All walkers and parents that come to the walker pick-up area will continue to go to the small loop. Parents are still welcome to park and walk to the small loop to meet their child and then return to their parked car. Children in both areas will line-up by grade level. We already began the grade level lines and this helps add some order to the students instead of just one big group. If the weather is bad, we will have the use of the awning in the front of the building and the gymnasium where students can be distanced and stay dry.

    • We don’t know if this will work, but it is worth a try to see if we can expedite afternoon dismissal and increase the level of safety between students and vehicles.

REMEMBER…COHORT A has school tomorrow (Monday).