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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Even in a hybrid model, the district has to account for the attendance of students on their remote days and so far we have been attempting to do this only by tracking incomplete assignments. Now that all students have devices and are well aware of remote day expectations and resources (such as their Google Classrooms), we are going to begin an updated attendance procedure.

This week we will show students in both cohorts how to check-in for attendance on their remote days. They must check in the attendance Google Classroom between 8:00 – 9:30 from home. If a student does not check in and we do not hear from a parent, an automated call will be sent to the parent. If we still do not hear from someone, we will follow our well child check protocols.

As a reminder, parents can call their student out 5 days each year. After the 5 days, students need documentation to excuse their absence. If a student reaches 5 days of unexcused absences, they are defined as habitually truant according to the State of NH.

The new remote day attendance protocol won’t officially begin until November 2nd so that students can have a week to learn the system and parents have time to set the expectations at home for the remote days. This protocol is similar to what other schools in our SAU are doing for attendance.

Thank you,

Shannon Kruger and Sarah Petersons